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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

Levels We Teach

Key Stage 3

High-Quality Key Stage 3 Tuition in these essential School Examinations - Your child CAN succeed and we WILL help you!


High-Quality A-Level Tuition in these essential School Examinations - You CAN succeed and we WILL help you!

11 Plus 

Fully immersive classes to give you the best chance of passing these vital exams. We will ensure you have no nasty surprises on the day!

Oxbridge and Russell Group Prep

You have set your sights high - we are here to help you achieve your dream. Our Oxbridge and Russell Prep will ensure you meet the grade.


High-Quality GCSE Tuition in these essential School Examinations - You CAN succeed and we WILL help you!

English Bac

Expert Tuition in this exciting and challenging curriculum - We’ll help you broaden and deepen your subject learning


It is never too late to learn! A career change, filling in gaps or just learning for learning’s sake - We will smooth the journey for you.

Public School Entrance Exams

We keep up to date with all the independents’ entry requirements and tailor your learning journey to give you the strongest chance of success.

Taking a Growth Mindset Approach

“Resilience means the ability to bounce back and we teach young people a range of techniques to enable them to do this better. There are a number of interesting ways in which this can be done. An example would be Growth Mindset theory which shows that if you understand that all abilities are developable – that abilities aren’t fixed – then of course how well you do something is not a comment on who you are. It just tells you where you are at in your ability to do it and you can go on to do that thing better.

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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. "

W.B Yeats

We know, from personal experience as teachers, that despite all the amazing efforts that schools and staff make for their students, every year large numbers of once bright, enthusiastic, motivated students are not given the focus and individual attention to nurture their own innate ability.

We are all natural learners - you only have to look at the way a tiny baby scans its surroundings or watch a toddler investigating its surroundings to understand this.


Tuition provides a fantastic opportunity for students to rediscover this love and hunger for learning. The individual focus a tutor is able to offer a student provides so much more than just additional learning time. It creates a safe forum for students to test their understanding, to challenge without fear of judgement, to show their enthusiasm and pride. Tuition allows the student to once again fall in love with learning.

What People Say

Libby (Mrs) Melton Mowbray

My daughter had very low confidence in her maths skills. With Mike’s excellent help she flourished and went on to gain a grade 6 in her GCSE's. I would be happy to recommend Mike as a tutor.

Jo (Mrs) Oakham

Mike gave my brother enormous confidence for his GCSE maths exam. My brother achieved a grade that was three grades higher than his school predicted and I attribute this wholly to the help and support that he received from Mike. 

Miriam (Mrs) Market Harborough

The best maths teacher I have ever had. I never thought I would pass my numeracy skills test and with brilliant guidance and expertise, he actually got me through it! Would 100% recommend it to anyone especially those who find maths particularly difficult.


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